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Targeting for your mailing is based on a proprietary, predictive (logistic) regression model . The model is updated on a weekly basis.
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1. High Income ecommerce
2. Male - high-income e-commerce
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4. Moms - high-income, kids 0-12
5. New Movers - high income, home purchase within 30 days
6. High Income Homeowner
7. High Income Baby Boomers
Smart Home Promotion
What kind of customers can I expect? 
Millennials, Gen  X, Baby Boomers  |  Average Income: $161K  |  Average Length of Residence: 8  |  Percent with Kids: 21%
What kind of homes will my customers reside in? 
The households in this niche are extremely upscale, with respect to their earnings, their tastes and their propensity to spend. The household typically consists of two adults between the ages of 25 and 34 with a below average presence of children (dual income, no kids [DINKs]). They own their homes, worth an average value of $276,800, and they are likely to have lived there for 8 years. They are highly educated, with most completing college or graduate school.
What kind of profession will my customers be involved in? 
The majority of Already Affluent households are employed in professional, technical, managerial, and sales/service occupations. They own credit cards, and they are known to be mail responsive—purchasing items through the mail, while being equally retail friendly. They purchase more electronics than the average population, and they are very enthusiastic about investments and spending disposable income.
What do they spend money on? 
These households typically spend on home decorations, high-ticket apparel, arts /crafts, and children’s merchandise, with nearly $4,000 of discretionary income spent in catalog and retail channels recently. These households enjoy the pleasures of high society. Their interests include shopping online, travel, sports/recreation, gourmet food, and pets. They are extremely fitness conscious. This niche enjoys active sports such as running and jogging. They also enjoy cruise ship travel, as well as travel in the U.S.
What kind of vehicle do they drive? 
Already Affluent households are more likely than average to own luxury subcompact and luxury compact crossover utility vehicles (e.g., BMW 1M and Mercedes-Benz B). These households are also overrepresented in the luxury mid-size SUV segment. They are more likely than the national average to own new vehicles, and they contain higher concentrations in model years 2005 forward.
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